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R.I.P Larry \"Woodie\" \"The Lobsterman\" Wood

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07/28/1950 ~ 08/01/1950

Some of you will remember Larry from the old Forum. He was originally from Windsor, Vermont, the birthplace of USA Constitution. He rented our Argao property in 2008 and moved there with his wife Dhelma and her sons. In Argao he raised fighting cocks from eggs and did well in the derbies and selling them. His cocks came from the world over.

Larry was a Viet Nam vet and came home with his back filled with shrapnel. This gave him problems all the rest of his life.

Last May 2011 he went to Manila to have the lower vertebrae fused, the 1st of 3 operations. Up til then he had refused to do this but he almost couldn\'t ride his bike any more and had lots of pain.

He\'s also diabetic and after the 1st operation he went in a coma for over 1 month. He was transported back to Cebu in June 2011 and had been bed-ridden since then. He never recovered form the coma, but Dhelma said that he would make a few hand movements to her.

Larry passed away Wednesday. I\'m sure he was ready to go! He was a very good man!

Billy Reese

He looks so young to have to pass on. May he rest in peace.

Gray Wolf:
Ride Free, Bro!  God Bless!

Lee, Do you remember meeting him in March \'08 when we had a get-together at a coffee shop in the mall?



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