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R.I.P. Paul Agey


Gray Wolf:
\'Tis sad news this day.  Our friend, brother and fellow LinP Community member Paul Agey has passed away in Iloilo.  I have few details, but according to the few sources I have he died from complications due to an infection.  I don\'t remember his exact age, but Paul was a relatively young man, in his early 50\'s I think.  


I will always remember Paul as a helpful, friendly guy, fervently supportive of his adopted hometown of Iloilo.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his widow Eva and the family.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Yeah, sorry to hear about Paul\'s passing! He wasn\'t that old, but I knew he had medical issues and was using his TRICARE Military health plan here in the Philippines, but had difficulties with them in filing his medical and pharmacy claims when the hospital he was using no longer filed his claims as a 3rd party billing representative on his behalf, because years ago, Paul and I had a discussion about TRICARE and he informed me that the hospital and pharmacy handled all of his and family;s medical needs and even processed all of his reimbursement claims for him where he was only required to pay his co-share of 25% and deductible, but all that changed just recently and his hospital and doctors could no longer do his filing of his claims due to the fact that TRICARE was taking too long in paying his hospital and or doctors, therefore everyone under TRICARE now has to pay the hospital up front cash before being admitted and released and the individual has to file their own claims after the fact and hopefully get reimbursed up to at least 75% of the total medical and or pharmacy bill minus their deductible, but also too claims are denied for some technical reasons slowing down the processing of one\'s claim and sometimes the claim is not processed at all. It\'s what all retired military families are going through today here in the Philippines with TRICARE and the U.S. Government! I hope Paul\'s wife has some one to assist her in filing Paul\'s TRICARE reimbursement of his medical and pharmacy expenses which I\'m sure he had due to his infection that caused his untimely demise.        
R.I.P. Paul and my condolences to his wife, family and relatives!

Sorry to hear this, may he rest in peace and our condolences to his wife and family.

I wonder if the tricare issue was part of what eventually took his life? If he was living month to month as many expats do, and without much savings, if at all, maybe he could no longer afford the good care he had been getting? Someone should try to look into that and if that is the case then a lot of people need to raise a stink before someone else without funds has to possibly be in the same situation.

Steve & Myrlita:
I am also very sorry to hear this. Please give our deepest condolences to Paul\'s family. May he have eternal rest and peace. God Bless.......

It is always sad to hear that a member passed away, and so young.  My deepest sympathies to Paul\'s widow, Eva and family.


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