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Gray Wolf:
For anyone wanting to learn Tagalog easily, there is some software that I\'ve been trying out recently.  Go to  and click on Tagalog from the list.  The software provides flashcards with Tagalog words along with their translation.  It also has sound so you can hear how the words are spoken.  Later the software moves to phrases.

I\'ve only just begun this tutoring myself, but I feel it will help tremendously.

Check it out and let us know how it works for you.


Hi Jack,

I just downloaded it. Yes, it looks good. I can improve on my horrible Tagalog now. Thanks for the link.


Here\'s another one that has lessons.  It also tests you for proficiency.  They have both Cebuano and Tagalog.  Just click on the arrow where it says \"Learn What?\" and use the drop down menu.

Thanks I\'ll try the Cebuano language site. I did download the BYKI Tagalog program and it\'s very good (and free) but want to learn Bisayan first.


It is great to see some interested in the languages here.  For me just a little language learning opened a lot of doors, made me able to approach people who would normally be too shy to talk with me even though they wanted to. Some have pretty good English skills but are too shy to use them. I can understand that. They see us often as authority figures who will judge them  by their ability to speak English, not for who they are. Just a few word of  your bad Filipino will open them up to giving English a try. I feel learning just a little bit of the language can change your life for the better here.

I was getting a Cebuano teacher here and we interviewed. I do speak a little Tagalog, read more than I can speak. But I said to myself, might as well try Cebuano since I lived here so long. The instructor said, \"First learn at least a couple of hundred, better a couple of thousand words of Cebuano. Then, he said, he would start teaching me how to put the words together.

I suggest small flash cards four made from one piece of 3X5\" card. Put on one side the word in English and there other side the Filipino word. Carry them with you all the time.

I hope you try to learn this or your way. Anyone can do it, just have to put in the time. If you have a guide or study partner, and even if not it can be fun. If it is fun you will do it a lot learn quickly and enjoy it and the fruits of your learning.

Very best always,

Don A. Herrington
Philippines, Heart of Asia:
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