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probinsyanas over manilenas

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probinsyanas=girls from the province
manilenas=girls from manila

Not sure the question!!

sorry rob :).....thought the subject title\'s enough for it to be understood.....my bad.....well, the question is, WHY do most western men prefer girls from the province over those from manila?......

Can\'t speak for all kanos, but my thoughts are like this:

Manila has a bit too much traffic and pollution for my tastes. Odds are Manila women will have family ties in Manila and may prefer to live there. Over time, I\'m finding myself drawn to wanting to finally settle away from the big city life.

For similar reasons, a girl from a large city might have cultural values more similar to American women. At least for me, in retirement, instead of re-entering the urban rat race and pursuing the Filipino/American dream, I\'d like to spend more time exploring the things I couldn\'t do when working full time - like travel, just kicking back, gardening, raising family, and the like.

I think younger kanos might have a completely different perspective than me.

hmmm, is that a true statement? Do western men prefer the girls from the province? My girl is from Cebu but originally from the \"province\". I was not looking for one or the other. She just happened to be the one who I really clicked with from the start.



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