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Hello I live in the UK and my wife and children are Philippine nationals and live in gensan. I want to travel there the beginning of next year and stay for 3 months, however I picked up a conviction earlier this year for growing quite a large amount of weed for which I received a fine, suspended sentence and community service.  Does anyone know or have any experience if this will affect me when applying for a visa extension.  I've aplied many times before at the immigration office in gensan but I can't remember if u need to declare convictions, or of this will affect my visa? I'm praying it doesn't becuase I really want to be with my family for as long as I can.  Thanks for yr help on this, any advice will bwe appreciated. Cheers :)

If you go for the visa free stay of 30 days then you might be okay but the visa application apparently does ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime.

I would like to stay for 2 or 3 months :(  I'm sure if I need to declare my conviction they won't allow me to stay. :( cheers for yr help.

If you are unable to get in to the Philippines, then get you a visa for the US.  The state of Colorado will welcome you.  In fact, they might allow you to take your weed there with you.

So I could leave the country before my 30 days are up then re- enter and that would give me near enough 2 months without a visa? Does anyone know if this is a possibility?


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