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Fake US treasury bonds from Mindanao


Some friends of mine were approached recently by some local indigenous clan members with a lead box full of US treasury bonds that were found hidden in caves!!
I did a search and come up with the info below..

U.S. Treasury Bills - One Year \"Fresh Cut\"

One person who represented himself to be a consultant to lesser-developed or Third World countries offered $500 billion worth of One Year \"Fresh Cut\" Treasury Bills which did not exist.
\"U.S. Dollar Bonds\"

Fake bonds, said to have been issued in the 1930\'s by the CIA to help Chiang Kai-shek fight the communists, and buried in caves by his generals and their heirs for years, have recently been \"unearthed\".

They are now being fraudulently offered to people at a fraction of their face value.Many inquiries come from West Coast law firms that are checking on the validity of these bonds for clients that reside in China, Singapore and Taiwan.

Most of these fictitious obligations refer to the Ministry of Finance of the United States and the Washington Bank of America neither of which has ever existed.
\"Federal Notes\" and \"Tiger Zebra\" Bonds

There are even old $100 bills that have been altered to read \"$100 Million Dollars\" and bogus coupons printed in a foreign language. The U.S. has never issued \"Federal Notes\", \"Tiger Zebra\" Bonds, a security with a denomination of $100 million, or a security with coupons in a foreign language.
\"De-facto\" Treasury Securities

This term usually appears in offers to assign, rent or lease Treasury securities for a fee, for a certain time period. These securities are bogus for the U.S. has never issued any \"de-facto\" Treasury securities.
Philippine Victory Notes

Philippine Victory Notes, which were issued in 1944 by the Philippine Government, were for use only in the Philippines, which at the time was a dependency of the United States. After July 30, 1967 they were considered de-monetized or valueless. If these notes are presented to you and purported to have current value today, it is a scam.
Historical Bonds

Historical bonds, such as railway bonds, which were once valid obligations of American corporations, but are now worthless as securities and only collected and traded as memorabilia, are quickly becoming a favorite tool of scam artists who will say that they are \"payable in gold\" and \"backed by the U.S. Government\".

Scam artists will sell historical bonds to unsophisticated investors at inflated prices far exceeding their fair value as collectibles. They often use third-party valuations, which state that the bonds are worth millions or billions of dollars each, to do so.

All of these false assertions have been used to defraud investors into paying as much as $150,000 for historical bonds that regularly trade for just $25 in collecting circles.

If you contact the Federal Reserve and discover they won\'t can cash in your bond for $8 million the con man will say that the Fed simply doesn’t want you to cash it in because if every one did so there would be a run on the bank and the economy of the US would collapse.

They will then suggest that you use their ‘hypothecated value’ of $8 million to play the secret Prime Bank Investment market which you are now eligible for.

Historical bond fraud is now so widespread in the US that the Securities and Exchange Commission recently held a conference in Denver, Colorado to address the problem.

My answer would be to make them all look like doofuses...

I would say ...

\"Tell you what - I will claim those for you and take a low 10% AFTER we cash them in - now you get exponentially more than you were expecting!\"


The first post has a glaring error.  The CIA was established after WW2.

That said if they had legit bonds then they could just cash themselves.  No need for some gringo to get involved.

The Nigerians have their fun, the Filipinos have theirs...


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