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Seed/rice price fluctuations


This I put separate, although it can be kind of a subpart to loans, because many loans are paid in part of harvest.

Do you know anything about price fluctuations during the year?

Now I know the law against holding to much in store until price go up, so that\'s not an investment option (Except it\'s allowed for small amounts. BTW - Do anyone know what they count as small enough to be OK?
And I know the difference which can grow  :)   
and I know there are price differences between seeds and handled, I suppose. To get chance to make relevant comparings it\'s good if you tell:
/which product you tell about (growable seeds?)
/amount (when it\'s relevant having discount for bigger amounts).
/price between who. (Farmer , investor, wholesaler, shop owner, shop customer.)
/WHEN compared to harvests.
/Where (if any important geographical differences.

Or do the officials, who handle permits when needed, have reachable statistics about such?  Or do they only tell demanded or recommended prices?

The Phil\'s gov oftentimes gives away seed, so trying to make a market determination is kinda like trying to figure out the logic of horoscopes. 

The Phil\'s gov itself is heavily into the rice business.  You want to get into the rice business? Buy/Make a pellet making machine, and pelletize all the rice husk that gets thrown away for use as animal feed pellets or process it into briquettes for fuel.  rice husk makes a good feed for ruminant animals like goats and cows. It carbonizes easily for making charcoal briquettes to sell to the cement and power plants providing you can make large quantities.

 It\'s not my thing, but the Filipinos are throwing away a lot of $ in their rice husk.

I don\'t really want to get into seed/rice business, but perhaps I\'m \"forced\" to   :)    if I will make some Help-to-self-help where seeds and/or harvests are involved, which I believe \"have to\".

The pellets idea can perhaps be VERY useful if the collecting and transport costs can be low enough and if enough interesting customers can be found close enough. But don\'t farmers feed their animals with that anyway?

I\'m looking for ideas where farming products can be processed more before selling them, to add work possibilities to local \"farm\" people, because there are much to many people working with farming comparted to how little farmland there are in RP. Something which can suit in size for just the village neighbourhood, because I don\'t want a big factory there  :)     (=E g something as your pellets press, oil press, peeling nuts, drying fruit, produce something of wood...)

(But for myself I hope I can earn enough on some Internet business or such where I need to travel almost nothing, because in other types of businesses I would have to work much with selling, which I don\'t like to do regular, or the business would need to be bigger than I want it to be to make so I will have a full time work. )


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