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Anybody interested in forming a fantasy football league?

I have enough Fantasies as it is..let alone Fantasy Football  :)

Splooge Magoo:
jjcabgou - Just to keep you updated in the local area, the Jets are talking really big. Fans are talking smack and the cool aide is flowing. When that happens, it usually means good things for my Giants. How do you watch the games?

What is 'Fantasy football', 'talking smack' and  'cool aide' ??? Is this another remote Filipino language?

Splooge Magoo:
Colin - I get a chance to provide you with an education with NY football. The NY Jets are losers and have been since 1969. The fans are hardcore whiners that after one good game or play start talking about how they are going to win the Superbowl. The current coaching staff is lead by a big blowhard that hasn't really done anything except have a video go viral with his foot fetish involving his wife. (This is an example of Talking Smack).

Drinking the cool aide has to do with some cult group that had their followers drink poison cool aide and the whole place was wiped out. Jet fans drink the cool aide every year from that losing organization.

Go Giants!


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