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Foraging for healthy free food, Herbal medicines and stuff.


I collect Nettles, Plantain, dock, dandelion and others for tea's and greens, these are classed as super foods.   Here in the UK foraging is becoming more popular for healthy  foods and medicinals.
Here is a link to a good index and information Philippine website.

Some of your local Super foods.
EVCO ( Extra Virgin Coconut oil) Cold pressed is the one to use.

 Moringa or Malungay, Kalamunngay

I was also looking at the Papaya fruit and benefits. Two Links.

Take care all.

People of little means forage all the time here. I have seen boys with airguns in the hills shooting birds and these sort of wild chicken looking birds. In the afternoons we would see women doing exactly what you described, but as a necessity. They make different soups to go along with their rice. It is common practice in places where there is still some great outdoors for these things to grow.

Gray Wolf:
When we visited the Vigan, Ilocos Sur area and toured the coastal areas we saw many people foraging the tidal pools along the shore.  There are at least three different kinds of seaweed that is foraged along with several shellfish and other delicacies like sea urchin and sea cucumber.  I'm certain the land is equally foraged for what it has to offer.

One of my favorite things to eat here is what they call swamp cabbage, there is a Filipino name for it but Malines asleep and I cant ask. Cooked correctly it taste pretty much like spinach.  Free for the taking anywhere close to water...Got a rash from heat, crotch rot,  boil Guava leaves and use the water to treat it, gone in a couple of days...btw works on dogs also


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