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 I think i like to play Clash Royale for my new hobby


--- Quote from: torko on March 07, 2016, 08:18:39 PM --- I think i like to play Clash Royale for my new hobby

--- End quote ---

torko, kind of odd first post, anyway welcome to the forum. You might wish to introduce yourself in the "Meet Your Neighbors" section at the link below, that way the members and staff can get to know you better. I am pretty sure Clash Royale is a game, why not tell us more about it here in this thread.

Hello torko, this is Gustavo Woltmann, I played Clash Royale as a hobby too. I'm currently on Legendary Arena with a great deck cards. How about you'? what arena are you now?

For others? are there players of Clash royale here? we can add each other to have a clan. I'm currently on my friends clan in Panama region. If you guys want to join please let me know. I am going to be a publishers of my clan.


I was into clash royale.  Now playing Last Empire War Z.  Loving it. In a strong alliance and doing well.


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