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Guys (and girls), if you are interested in learning about coding I recommend Python as a great starting language. Also, just to let you know, Philippines has it's very own Python conference every year! If you are interested you can find more info here:

On a general note there's quite an active community for this conference on FB (although I'm not personally on FB anymore). It's always great to participate in hobbies and luckily Philippines has many coding groups, conferences and such like to keep us all amused on those "long winter evenings"! ;) ;)


It's actually great to learn coding. If you become adept, you can even use the knowledge and skill to earn extra bucks. BPO industry is in the rise these days in the Philippines so there's a bigger chance to find a job related to it.

Sam you are absolutely right. My son learnt Python in his spare time and has been running a business doing Python and JavaScript coding and building websites on the side for nearly ten years now (his main job was in HVAC). He's just decided to ditch HVAC and go into developing full-time. Currently a software engineer at a data science company where they use Python and JavaScript.

All my personal coding is Python with Flask for web apps. It's a great language to learn. It's a very up-and-coming business in Philippines.

That's awesome "CD"! He made a great career shift. I actually don't really know much about coding but I have friends in this niche and they're indeed doing amazing.


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