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Forged In Fire: Knife or Death


Wasn't sure if this went in sports and leisure or hobbies and interests. 
Been watching this show and am surprised how many of the knife experts, competitors and makers discuss their relations to the Filipino knife martial arts.  A lot of knives are native to the Philippines and the competitors are not. 
I know about the Kali martial art and that it is focused on using weapons.  I'm a big Bruce Lee fan and that is how I first heard of Kali as he went to the Philippines to study it by the man who was, at that time, seen as the chief expert in that field of martial arts.  But, rarely heard about it anywhere else.  Also that a kali expert has been a regular judge on the regular Forged in Fire show in Doug Marcaida(Has Filipino blood, but is American). 
Not sure if anyone else on here watches these shows or not.  But in almost every episode of the Knife or Death spin off there is some reference by the competitors or the hosts to kali or a pinoy knife weapon being used in the competition.  Find that pretty cool.
Didn't know that Kali was that big of a martial art in the bigger picture. 

Gray Wolf:
Virtually every Philippine Marine, especially the Scouts, are taught Kali by a good friend of mine, recently retired Master Sgt Manuel Prado. Since retiring Manny has set up his own private school in Cavite teaching the revered art of Kali, a complex system of martial arts centered on the use of the Ginunting, Karambit and fighting sticks as well as open hand techniques. Manny also produces his own, high quality blades, which are presented to those who complete his strenuous course.
For those who are interested in Filipino blades, his website can be found here:

I've been watching Forged in Fire for a few years and have always enjoyed Doug Marcaida's evaluation of the contestants blades when he proclaims "This blade... will keell". Only recently have I began to watch "Forged In Fire: Knife or Death". But it proves one thing; using a knife properly in a fight is not as easy as many think.


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