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Author Topic: Cebu International School  (Read 8314 times)

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Cebu International School
« on: February 25, 2016, 07:23:42 PM »
Hello ,  I am retiring to Cebu soon and I am searching for the best elementary school on the island for my forth grade daughter . She is a naturalized US citizen. Filipina by birth . She is very smart but after 4 years here in the US has forgotten mostly how to speak Cebuano. The school will determine where we live. I like Daanbantayan on the map but is too far from the Cebu International school. Is there another good school up north? How is Balamban? It's about an hour I think from CIS and I can drive her to school each day. Any ideas or suggestions where to live?  Closer to the shore yet north of the city in the province. And close to decent fishing grounds. Lol.    Thanks for any answers and it's so great to be on this site . It means retirement is right around the corner!