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--- Quote from: Maye on December 29, 2012, 02:39:23 PM ---Oh!! I never heard the word "Boondocks" before..hahahaha.. 


--- End quote ---

Hi Maye,
There is no shame in not knowing a word. That's why we learn something new everyday. :)

Hello Meylou,

I guess you're right, I am really thankful to this forum coz I really learn a lot...

Thank you Everyone! :) And may we have a Happy New Year!!!! :D

Why do people keep inventing these new words, don't we have enough in our various languages already?

I still think that if someone is gay, they are happy ;)

Rob from Mel:
Ha Colin , you mean that they are HAPPY that they are GAY  ::)

LOL thats too funny  :D


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