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Vaccine Passports

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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: Peter on August 10, 2021, 05:16:08 PM ---Jack.

Really indeed? Purged for agreeing with a member's, sorry, possibly soon to be a former member's post?

Que sera, sera.

Stay safe anyway and we hope your niece/nephew will be successful in the future.


--- End quote ---

No one said you were being purged. No one said Hestecrefter was being purged. He brought up the word "purge", out of context, choosing that one word from a comment I made in answer to another member's question about how many active members the forum had in relation to the money needed to keep the forum running. I stated in that comment that I had previously purged many non-active members. Members who had not even been bothered to login for over a year, much less post anything. He chose to pick that single word from my comment on another subject and challenged me to purge him as well. You wholeheartedly agreed with every word posted by Hestecrefter, hence my question to you.

Well, the joke is on you. First off, I divorced myself from the admin team several years ago. Choosing to relieve myself from the stress of dealing with people who found it enjoyable to attack me for standing up for the principles laid down by Don Herrington in running this forum. I no longer have the power nor the tools to "purge" anyone. Don't want them, don't need them. I have been attacked, drug into arguments and challenged by people for no reason. I did receive a conciliatory PM from Hestecrefter which I will respond to in time. For now I feel I must respond to your "challenging" post. If you feel we are not up to your high standards of conduct, then by all means, remove yourself.

Part 2 of "the joke's on you" is that we have met our funding goal and Gerlie will submit payment for the next year of service for the forum. So much for ye of little faith. Oh, and thanks for nothing because I know who paid and who didn't pay. So for anyone who doesn't like the way the forum is run, the way it is paid for and for the way you are "challenged" I say kick rocks.

I have health challenges that have stressed me to my limits. This additional bickering has not helped, indeed has hurt me. Physically and mentally. Gloria told me I should never give another minute of the time I have left to dealing with the forum. I must say I am inclined to agree with her. I got involved only because I was asked by my dear friend and kapatid Gerlie to help her get funding together to keep the forum running. I accomplished that goal at great cost to me personally. So now I am going to once again retire from the forum. I may login once in a while, I may even post something now and again while I'm still kicking. After all it was our old friend Aerosick and I who created this platform everyone gets to enjoy. But never again will I allow myself to be drug into further arguments. If someone speaks my name I hope it's with fond remembrance. If not, well ... see ya!

Talking of vaccines(and their somewhat ineffectual potency)...
Enjoyed listening to this doctor.  I linked the site, instead of the youtube video on it because the site offers more than just the video for users who want to do a little more of a deep look.


--- Quote from: JoeLP on August 11, 2021, 06:27:46 PM --- for users who want to do a little more of a deep look.
--- End quote ---

Damn Dude.  Your like George of the Jungle .  Swing through the thread and dump the best links.

More evidence on how wrong the so called experts are/were.


--- Quote from: JoeLP on August 12, 2021, 06:03:20 PM ---More evidence
--- End quote ---

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko 2021.08.21 interview.




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