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I used to fly National during 70s and until they went out or merged or whatever it was and they were very good.  My very first flight ever in a commercial airliner was with them.  I remember how friendly and pretty the stewardesses were on that first flight.  I flew American from Chicago to Tokyo, in I guess it was February of 2012.  I swear I think my eyes were deceiving me because all the female stews on that American flight last year I believe were the same crew that were on my first flight when I went to boot on National back in January of 73.

Grey Wolf
thanks for information on Sky Bird Travel I will give them a call.
We plan on flying out of Denver to Cebu sometime after the kids get out of school in June.
Prices on line so far are between $1700-$2000 per ticket.
I will mention your name twice to see if that gets me a double discount.

Gray Wolf it seems a little longer but its well worth the time  -don't forget when you cant sleep goto the back and drink all the Korean beers you want I did because its hard sleeping with your neck straight up. :D your so rite on about those flight attendants..besides I hated going threw sanfranciso so crowed there south Korea is not crowed at all.

For anyone living on the Esat Coast near NYC, Cathy Pacific has non-stop to Hong Kong with less than two hour layover for connection to Manila. I used that routing once wasn't too bad. The flight from JFK-HGK is 16 hours and I was getting pretty restless and needed to walk the isles about three quarters into the flight.

yep its about the same amount of time from Atlanta GA to south Korea 16 hours then 3 hours and fourty five min to manila.I layed over only like less than 1 hour .


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