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Pacquiao Bradley fight

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At least this last round 5 was interesting..

Interesting grammar, or maybe I missed something, and it wasn't the fight.
Cheers, Steve

Well I was watching the fight when I posted that, it was a decent round 5 but before that it was putting me to sleep. At the end Manny won by decision after he had knocked Bradley off his feet twice during the fight.

And it was a unanimous decision, as should have been the Mayweather fight. IMHO
Cheers, Steve

The game was on delay.  I went to my laptop to see the round scores only to see that Pacman won.  I stopped watching the boring fight then.

Pacman, I believe, is not done and wants at least 3 more years of fighting.  He's adopted the mayweather style of fight.  Just dance and dodge the punches till you get a chance and land some hits.  I doubt we see another knockout in the remaining fights of Manny.  He wants to last long and keep getting the wins.  Fighting like Mayweather is the way to go.  Less hits to your head and as long as you get the wins, it only helps your image...historically. 

I much prefer the younger Manny fighting style.  His pre "coming to Jesus" and leave it all out on the canvas, kill the oppponet fighting plans were much more entertaining.  If he still had that mindset when he fought Floyd, I think he would have won.  More than a couple times he had Floyd against the ropes and was unloading on him only to back off.  He lost the "killer instinct". 

I'm still a fan of Manny, but just don't see his fights as entertaining as they once were.


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