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Author Topic: Help please! Some advice on when to visit...  (Read 8326 times)

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Help please! Some advice on when to visit...
« on: February 21, 2022, 08:25:42 PM »
Sorry for this rather vague request for help - but throwing this out there as I'm interested to get your thoughts...

We are currently trying to figure when to next visit Philippines. Of course, any plans made right now could be thrown into chaos by the emergence of a new strain of Charlie-Victor.

We're going to be visiting for 3 weeks. Currently trying to figure out whether to go Nov/Dec 2022 or Jan/Feb/Mar 2023. Here's some pros and cons:

* Nov/Dec (2022) - cooler, and hopefully we can get back before the usual xmas rush as OFW descend on Manila to be with families.
* Jan (2023) - Chinese New Year means increased demand (and prices) for AirBnB in Manila. Other half also notices this is the time when the viruses seem to be most rampant. But maybe cooler and less rainy than Nov?
* Feb (2023) - Quieter in the latter part of the month.
* Mar (2023) - flipping hot!

Current thinking is to go after the UK half term in latter part of Feb and into March. But mid-Nov into Dec is another option.

There's no ideal time to go - but thoughts and suggestions welcome!