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what's everyone riding ?

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--- Quote from: Mr. Lee on March 13, 2016, 06:26:18 AM ---Plenty of people ride here and never get killed, yet I have known of quite a few expats that have gotten in some pretty serious motorbike crashes, now with that said...I think the two things we have to remember here are that just about no one follows the laws and many people drive drunk, since laws are rarely enforced, add the two together and it makes me want to drive an armored car here, not a bike.

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 80% of transport here is two or three wheeled vehicles. That would suggest that 4 wheels or pedestrians are far more likely to be killed.


--- Quote from: bigpearl on March 13, 2016, 06:23:20 PM ---, hhhmmmm a year plus solid in Manila............I never saw an accident/except on the news, maybe I needed to get out more.
It would be interesting to see the statistics, accidents per country per capita.
More research, lol.
Cheers Steve

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I haven’t spent that much time in the Philippines but like I said I’ve seen a number of motorcycle accidents. As a matter of fact we were involved in two accidents with motorcycles. In both cases the motorcycles hit the vehicle we were riding in. I only have pictures of the last accident. It happened right after a rain and the 3 wheeler had so much “rain shield” up that he couldn’t see where he was going and hit us as we came from a side street.

Very low speed so no one was hurt.

It was an interesting experience though having to go down to the local police station and waiting in the car as our driver and the trike driver spent some time in the police station negotiating a settlement together with the police. But that’s another story…..

the second picture shows the view that the trike driver had and why he couldn't see us on the right side.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
What will it take to convince people that riding motorcycles
in the Philippines or anywhere in the world is dangerous?

Hi Folks,

I ride a Yamaha XT125.
I'm used to larger capacity bikes back home but cant seem to find anything larger in Ormoc, and to be honest who would need anything larger over here.
I've rapidly had to learn some real bad habits to survive on the roads and I have witnessed a lot of mental drivers that wont have a lot of time left in this world if they keep it up.
It never suprises me when I see those white vans busted up at the side of the road + casualties and I'm not even gonna start on driving at night.

What I've learned is, oncoming traffic has right of way (overtaking) if they're bigger than you, if they've beeped their horn or if they've turned on all 8 of their big pickups spotlights (you are now blind so you should move over).
All vehicles being overtaken will probably turn left when you overtake them without warning and crossroads are a lottery (no traffic lights anywhere).
Though all sorts of new roadsigns are popping up all over the place turning once two ways into one ways now.
Once, at night, I only realised that I was playing chicken with a truck with no lights on when I saw its outline against the petrol station up the road behind it.

I have a full face lid but its just too damn hot to wear full leathers and it'd look awesome on a 125cc :)
I do feel naked on a bike in the philippines and as a result I ride slower.
I dont think theres anything you can do about drunk or over tired drivers falling asleep either here or anywhere else in the world.
Just never let your guard down and if you dont really need to travel by bike then dont.
I like trikes anyway :)

I know that the traffic in Ormoc isnt as bad as what I've seen in Cebu though when you get outside the city onto longer straights and the speeds go up it gets lively real quick.
I'm constantly amazed at folk overtaking going around blind corners (aye, trucks overtaking buses) and as a result I 'always' get myself well over to the right side coming up to them.

An unexpected problem that I never had to face in Northern Ireland was the size of the bugs over here.
In Ireland, maybe a wasp in the puss would be the worst that could happen if you had your visor up.
From home to the city via Cabulihan (via the sugar cane fields) in the evening, I felt a thump on my chest and looked down to find an angry looking prayin mantis.
I nearly ***t myself...

So, for pure interests sake and because I could never find any info on Ormoc before I came over...
This is a quick video of me leaving the Villa Hotel in Ormoc heading south past Sabin resort towards Albuera to show the traffic here.
Then I come back in, through the town and out the north side a touch.
I have the GoPro on a chest mount and you know the roads over here so it bounces a little now and again ;)

Best Regards,


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