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Scott C.:
Recently purchased a new Honda from Du Ek Sam in Bato, southern tip of Cebu. I did quite a bit of window shopping (taxi window, bus window) before purchasing, and the prices were pretty close everywhere with maybe a difference of 2,000P max. Wound up paying 56,900P and what i liked was the 30 days same as cash deal they had. (i suspect others offer similar) By putting down 30k and signing enough papers to make the Sierra Club instantly flatline, we drove off with a new, well prepped bike, 2 \"helmets\" a liter of petrol in the tank, paid registration, insurance and a 1 year warranty that includes all scheduled maintenance and \"tune ups\" less parts. The balance was paid within the 30 days so no interest charges. The XRM 125 is an on/off road style bike that suits our needs fine.
  I haven\'t ridden a lightweight 125cc bike since I was 12 and for several decades have been riding bikes in the 750 to 1000cc range, yet it is easy to ride and the 30 plus year old engine design has proved itself to be very reliable. With zero to it might do sixty times not very important , it does point \"A\" to point \"B\" just fine. Very smooth and quiet, and a large sack of rice is easily balanced between the legs due to the down tube or \"underbone\" frame design. (try that on your Ninja or Sportster !)
  If the goal is reliable, economical transportation then new is the way to go IMO, as it seems this neck of the woods takes the term \"used\" to lengths I have never witnessed before. As far as brands go, I am pretty sure any of the top Japanese machines would be fine, it just happens I am familiar with this particular engine design from childhood. I do not know enough to comment on bikes from other countries except to say, look around, what brand is seen most often and in parts stores what brand do they seem to cater to. There may be local favorites in different areas and if so, it may be best to go that route as far as parts and mechanical availability/expertice.
  Now if I can only figure out how to put a turbocharger or nitrous injection on this rig for less than 1,000P i will be all set. Do you ride a motor? What do you think?

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nice looking bike in the pic...seems as though you have found your comfort zone in selections..I ended up with a velochi, 150cc cause of the large tires to carry my excess  :D.. and i had to have the harley feeling...The bike you have is more of all around use than my style...once you go off the road in my style your\'re fair game for probs.....hahahaha...good luck and enjoy.. thank you for the post.

I had bought a LONSIN T200 \'Terminator, from Robert Warren, but did not get to use it that much.

This was probably because I had never owned a \'cruiser\' style bike before.  The \'handling was \'alien\' to me - the steering very slow and heavy at slow speeds.  It was a heavy bike, but less so than the 600cc  BMWR60/7, or my 750cc Triumph Trident T160

I did not feel right with that \'Cruiser\' bike, and no way was it any good for \'green-lane\' exploring.

See here the Motor Bikes I have owned/ridden:-

The Honda XRM is good general purpose bike - a company that hire out bikes selected that same 125cc XRM.

I was looking for something with a bit more power, and better off road capability. 

(I have a Hyundai Matrix 1.5 CRDi VGT vehicle for transport and shopping). 

I was looking for a bike to go EXPLORING on - up into the hills using green lane, footpaths type stuff.

The Honda XR200 has the power and off-road improvements over the XRM that I needed, but little too tall in the seat height for my liking.  I was told one can adjust the pre-load so the rear suspenmsion squats down a bit more, and lower the stantions in the triple clamps top lower the front accordingly (to keep same fork \'trail\' angle), but I was concerned the suspension might then bottom out with my weight?

Having looked @ used Yamaha XT225 \'Serow\', this seemed to be the bike for me - it was small, light, agile and manoeverable, and with 223cc had enough power for my needs.

My wife bought me a new one for me as a Christmas present.  Looks like this 1997 Japanese Model:-

The problem with riding motobikes is that you are vunerable to injury if some idiot hits you (or pulls out with out looking and you end up hitting them).  This is true anywhere in the world, but here in the Philippines, one is more vulnerable due to the lack of driving skills.  They are not TAUGHT to use MIRROR, then SIGNAL, before doing a MANOUVRE! They decide to change lanes and just do it!  No checking if its safe, no warning to other road users of their intentions.

They rely on the fact that someone will give them a blast of the HORN if they should NOT be doing that particular move without having looked first?

Do not attermpt to drive if you HORN is not working?

I have found lots of useful information about Motorbikes and Cebu related on

I have just posted there a message with the Subject: Horn - an essential item for your safety?

Have some SAFE Riding on your XRM 125, if you feel your XRM 125 is up to it, you could perhaps join me on some of my Green Lane exploring?


David Whittall
XT225 Rider

This is my Honda 110R Wave Dash

I only weigh 10 stone and missus less than 7 stone :-[
Bought it in March. Looking forward to going back to The PI later this week, and cruising down the coast road.

Hi Scott, my first bike I purchased in the Philippines was a XRM and it was very reliable and easy to ride. I had the problem also of not being use to such a small bike and felt very vulnerable at first but after time got use to it. Gave that bike to my wife\'s son and purchased a Yamaha Sniper 135 and am fairly happy with that but still feels really small to me so now looking at a XR 200 when I go back in November. I really like Captain Ron\'s XT 225 too, looks like a very nice bike. In the States I have a old XL 600R on/off road bike (thumper) that I absolutely love, I wish I could bring it to the Phil because it would be perfect there.


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