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Just got a new bike, love it

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Maline got me a new bike for my birthday, so now I have about 400 km on it I thought I would post and kinda give a short report..
Its a Honda CRF 250, elec. start, fuel injection, computer run.  I guess its suppose to take the place of the XL200 here.

Its very smooth, the large diameter wheels and tires smooth out the bumps and pot holes usually found here so it gives a very smooth ride.  First , Second and Third gear are pretty low, Fourth is a good deal higher I really think a little to high as it seems to lug a little out of third to forth...fifth and six are high and good for hwy only...

The fuel injection is superb just like a fuel injected car, no pumping required.
Its high, I'm 6' and if your on an off camber turn where the road, driveway or what ever is slanted away from you your down side foot probably will not touch.  My friend Mike about 5'9 can ride it but when he stops the bike is at a decided lean...or he stops by a curb. 

The seat is a pain in the ass, literally, like having no padding at all, I suppose thats because its an off road bike but for me, I use it for both touring and off road so taking the seat off and having it padded is on the list.

In the states you can get lots of accessory's for them, here because they are new you cant yet, so if ones in your future, plan on a friend sending you stuff in a balikbain box. 

The cost will vary from place to place, but its close to 210/220 k, expensive compared to a XRM, but in my opinion worth it for those of us that are not small...

We have a couple of bikes here for comparison Maline rides a Mio MXi and Alex drives a Sniper MLX, while both are good bikes, very quick for what they are, when I ride them I feel like a giant on a toy. 

If anybody is thinking about bikes, hope this helps..Lee

Nice bike and what a great birthday gift!
I'm sure it's good to have a little extra power there. I bet it is pretty decent on gas mileage too!

You definitely need to have the larger diameter wheels and tires there. I can't believe the people here in the states, who buy scooters! And they try taking them on a 55 mph highway like US1 in Florida!

I was considering a 175, because I'm also 5'-9" and I really want to be able to put my feet down to hold it up! :)

My brother just got a Honda 175 and yeah, the seat lacks padding (looks a lot like yours). He wants me to practice on it before I go back over to the Philippines! hahaha I haven't been on a motorcycle in a few years.

Ron, if your 5'9 check this one out, I saw one at a bike expo in the mall before the storm, its actually pretty cool. Its a lot lower than mine, 19" front, 16" rear vrs, mine 21" front, 18" rear so the height thing does not apply

Its also a good deal cheaper...

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
It's a tall bike alright! Even I would have a hard time reaching the ground with both feet, but then again I have short legs and I'm only 5'7" tall! Anyway, I haven't ever ridden a bike here in the Philippines, only in California on my 650 Yamaha and Kawasaki 900, but that 20 yrs ago!  ;)

Nice wheels, be safe and enjoy them.


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