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A few weeks ago one of our brothers living on the Pasig River lost his home and everything in it. Of course my Filipina wife and I started gathering any type of clothing to send in a B. box. I had our pastor request that anyone that would like to contribute clothing or can goods to leave in a box that I brought that Sunday morning. I agreed to pay shipping( which I talked the shipper into a discount for more than one box. I noticed last Sunday the box was full but it was several bags. We all know that my Filipins wife can pack very good. Today I stopped by the church to pack so people could add more clothing.  Our church had at least 2-3 B box of love gifts.

It is not much but I learned last year that if our brother does not need the whole neighborhood is waiting. He has agreed to distribute to other neighbors that lost so much.

Now there is a man with a plan.   ;D  Stop, think, take action.  It warms my soul to read of what you have done.  Good going Vol.   ;D 

Gray Wolf:
Way to go, TN VOL!  Your brother sounds like a good man, too! 

Monday, I had a call from one of my church membersshe said she had a few things left over from the closing of a consignment store that she wanted to give me. I picked tese things up and began packing in a B Box. As I packed tears and thoughts came to me of how many Filipino babies will be sleeping in nice warm sleep wear. She had given us several boxes of unused baby and small children\'s clothes. My wife came in from work and was so supprised.

I remember from last years  of all the babies not dress for most of the day in the poor village we were staying for 75 days. These cloths are going to make so many famiies so happy. I called the lady last night and both of us were in happy tears before our conversation ended.

I believe now that one person can make a difference, one effort can cause a wave in life and God is GREAT.


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