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The Bayanihan tradition


Here's another Phils tradition which might be of interest ..

The Philippine Bayanihan Tradition

The term Bayanihan originally derived from the word Bayan, which means “town”, “community” or “country”. Bayanihan literally means “being in the community”. Bayanihan culture derives from that meaning: “being helpful in the community, being one of those people who are working together to achieve a common village goal”

The Bayanihan, house-moving tradition of the Philippines

In rural areas houses were made from indigenous materials which are quite lightweight. So, when a family wanted to move to another place, they would simply ask the men of the town to help carry their house to their new location. This developed into a tradition as an enjoyable social community activity. Usually around 15-20 men simply picked-up the house and then carried it to the new location in unison. Afterward, the family expressed gratitude by preparing food for everyone.

What is the Bayanihan Festival?

Today, the Bayanihan Festival is an organized activity that represents Philippine culture. It’s a kind of fund-raising activity where people reenact the Bayanihan activity of many years ago. People carry houses from one place to another, to raise funds to help victims of natural disasters for example. For the festival, people make houses from indigenous materials and race with the houses to a distant location. The festival draws many tourists and anyone can participate. The distance could be from 1 to 5 km in distance. However, village people sometimes still do carry actual traditional houses around from time to time.


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