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Several posts on this now famous response in many stores whre sales people are either too lazy to look for the requested items, or are intimidated by the customer's demeanor or appearance. Often, the problem has to do with how locals know and refer to products so it pays to try alternate ways of asking for the same thing.  As an example, when I lived there long ago, we did not ask for toothpaste but rather asked for Colgate, the dominant brand at the time.  As noted in an old necro post, for some items the largest print on the label is what the product is known by locally rather than the well known brand it is known as in the West.  Or the "out of stock" answer may just be the actual case.  Effort to verify that product's availability doesn't seem a priority at times and the loss of said potential sale isn't a priority at stores that have plenty of business such as a pharmacy.  Motivation to sell  is therefore more likely to be found in smaller less popular establishments.

I was working on a broken water line.
I needed parts for 3/4 inch pipe
I told the girl that I needed 3 quarter inch parts
they ask my wife what I was talking about
she told them I was talking about three/ fourth
The sales girl brought out what I ask for.
Sometimes its not them it is us.

At times they discontinue items... Here's a list of items I can't get anymore Lipton Ice Tea real sugar, C2 Ice Tea in packet form, N'Joy creamer, there's more I can't come up with all the items.

But on certain days they get their stock supplied and so if I show up before that date then many things are out of stock, if they're not on the shelf chances are they are out of stock.

It's taken me a very long time to figure things out and so now I rarely ask questions I also don't bring anyone in to translate but if you need a part replacement of any kind then to save you and the sales staff some stress and agony just bring in the part as a reference.

min 9:45-10:30
No ribs even though the sign says "Ribs".


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