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Calling from the US to Philippines

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Any suggestions?


I use skype, seems to work well, and I don\'t have many problems, some use calling cards as well and you can get some with rates cheaper than skype. http:\\\\


Hi Rob,

Yes Skype works but costs about 20 cents/minute to RP. Yahoo has a similar service for maybe 16 cents/minute. They also have free Messenger voice and webcam (+IM) which is what my fiancee and I use daily. She goes to a local internet cafe for this. It\'s maybe 50P/hour on her end. You have to have a headset w/ microphone and a web cam and a broadband connection on both ends. But the price is right after that and the experience of chatting on web cam far surpasses the usual phone call even if there are occasional glitches.

Best of luck,,, Steve

Gray Wolf:
If you use Skype and call computer to computer, the calls are free.  The only drawback is the connection speed in the RP.  I make regular calls to Don Herrington, the forum owner, in Cebu City.  We have talked for over an hour at times and never a single centavo has been spent. 


Ya\'ll might want to checkout this Skype  link if you haven\'t read it yet.


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