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  i am planning to come to the philippines to live at the end of the year.  i am on ssi/disability receiving about 1650 dollars a month.  can someone advise me if this is secure to receive my disabilkity in the philippines?  how much money do i  need to have in my pocket when i hit the ground.  ?  i have never been there before but i have been talking faithfully to the same woman in Talisay for 6 years now and have decided it is time to jump.  I am 54 yo and just plan on renting an upper level small apt in Talisay.  i know i should probably save a portion of my funds each month for emergency.  can anyone advise me anything else i may need to know please?

$1650. a month should be fine to live on as many live on a lot less. Some more, it depends on the life style you want to live.  If you do not eat out every night and do not plan on spending most of your time sitting on a bar stool then you should be able to also put some money away in savings every month.  I would suggest you take a look at some of the other members post regarding cost of living and different areas here in the Philippines.

I moved here last September and live on about $1400. a month without any problem. I am 56 also and on a retirement income but will be also getting my social security and possibly some VA disability income so I feel comfortable knowing that my income will be going up in the future.  But with that said, I and my new wife and mom in law llve fine on what I have available now.

It is up to you but many will tell you to come and visit before you make the final decision on if you want to live here or not.  I for one did not do that and do not regret it. Like you I had a fiance here that I was more than comfortable with and did my research before making the decision to just make the move and not give it a trial visit. But I am probably an exception to the rule that a visit first is much better than just making the move.  I would also suggest that you leave in place an exit plan if things go sour on you after you get here.  Better safe than sorry

Make sure you get to know all of the immigration rules and laws really well before you get here.  Some things are better done before you get here when it comes to your visa.  If you are very comfortable with your girl then it sure is much better to be married to a filipina then to have to keep extending visitor visa every two months.

If at all possible I would have your girl meet you at the airport in Manila to help you out when you arrive.  Coming on your own is asking to get ripped off and taken advantage of when you first get here and do not understand some of the must know rules of living and being in the Philippines.  I know it is a big jump and a bigger decision but you will learn fast once you get here and trust me that you can read every post on this and other forums and you will still have alot to learn once you get here.  Some things can only be learned through experience.

With all of that said,  I have never regretted my move and have loved my time here and expect that I will be here for a very, very long time.

Talisay has the best of both worlds.
 It is much less expensive to live there than Cebu city, but is close enough to it to be convenient to go there for shopping or medical needs.
I am currently in the USA, but if I had a guaranteed $1650/mo coming in, I would be sending you this from the Philippines.
Whether or not *you* can survive on that much is totally up to you though...

check me out on this , but  from what  i understand you cannot receive social security disability out  of  the  United States unless you are 62

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: okieboy on July 03, 2011, 02:54:33 PM ---check me out on this , but  from what  i understand you cannot receive social security disability out  of  the  United States unless you are 62

--- End quote ---

There are two classifications which many people get confused.  SSDI and SSI.  You can draw SSDI and live in the RP.  In order to be eligible for SSI, you must be a resident of the US.  It cannot be drawn outside the US.

Also, SSI benefits are reviewed at least every three years.  Failure to be reviewed will result in benefits being discontinued.


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