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I heard somewhere that there is a way to get the SS people to come to your house and help you file for your SS (I\'m in Northern Luzon).Any truth to it? I also understand that you can apply online.Anybody do that from the PI? My qualifying age is just a couple of months away,and I want to be ready.

Avoiding a trip to Manila would suit me just fine as well.

Is it Social Security from the U.S.A. you have questions about. If so, then go online to the social security web site and apply online. You can apply several months in advance of eligible date and start receiving your check the very first month you become of age and eligible. You may have to talk to someone on the telephone but you can apply from anywhere. That is my understanding! Start soon...

Yes,SS from the US.I\'d better get busy I spose,I\'ve got that money already spent! †;D I always dread dealing with the\'s always a lot more complicated than necessary.

Thanks for the help Makati!

Dealing with government(any) is not easy, however they do have this social security request down to a tee. You will be surprised how easy it is to get on the payroll and get what you have earned. They really are easy to deal with if it\'s time for you to draw your money. Once you get your checks coming in I suggest you open an online s.s. account to update and keep track of your account.

You mention you already have the money spent. Well as you might be aware, the US government also has that money spent. I am sure they can borrow enough to pay you for now. Not sure about the younger generation.

Gray Wolf:
The latest recommendation from the thieves who\'ve been robbing our account for years is that those under 50 should plan on having another source of retirement income, IRA, 401k and the like.† For those already drawing and those who will request their benefits within the next 5-10 years (the closer the better) there should be enough to pay your benefits for 10-20 years.† After that, who knows?

I have only a few months left until I can file my paperwork and I hope to receive my first check in January or February of 2013.† I turn 62 on Jan 5.

I debated with myself over whether to start drawing immediately or wait an extra year or two to get more money per month.† But after figuring out the difference in what I could get versus what I will have pocketed already, I found it would take 7 years to make up for only one year of benefits drawn!† I\'ll take what I can get as soon as I can get it and make myself live within those means, or less.

We plan to make our home in Ilocos Sur province, and know the cost of living there is much less.† So I believe we\'ll do fine with what I make from SS, plus whatever we make on any capital ventures we engage in, like raising fruit trees, fattening up a few pigs, raising ducks and Guinea fowl, maybe get involved in some cottage industry like making Basi wine or Lambanog.† ;D



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