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pls advise

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dear friends,

if i want to buy a motorclcye for tricycle, what branch and model is the best? thanks

my friend you opened a can of worms with this one  :D.. ipersonally cannot suggest a brand, but i strongly suggest that you get no less than 125cc, or better yet i would say 150cc...i see many with 175cc bikes on their trykes of many origin from chinese made to japanese made..good luck..

There are thousands of tricycles here and they must cover every brand of motorcycle made. I would suggest that you go for a 4 stroke, they are far more suited to a tricycle than the more peaky 2 strokes.


The Honda TMX, 150cc, four stroke is the standard bike in Cebu for tricycle use.  It is bulletproof, reliable, parts available everywhere and any mechanic can work on them.  It would be my choice for that application.

Rick Martin

dear friends

i agree that 4 stoke motor is better, but about Tmx, there is a trouble that i see many drive start it very difficult even it would kick them back!! :o ; :o . beacuse of this, it seem i want to choose 2 stoke motor.

will it be the problem of other 4 stoke brand? and i hear 2 stoke motor is fading out,right?

pls advise. thanks


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