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Renting a motorcycle


I am in the Cebu area until Feb 28.  Anyone want to comment on renting a motorcycle?

I have been here for 10 days and I am ready to take on the challenges of hitting the streets on a bike (looking for something about 125 cc).  I do not want the hassle of buying and registering and insuring a bile when I am only here until the end of Feb. . .  So . .

Who rents them?  For how much?  What are the pros and cons?  Any comments?


i would suggest asking one of the locals... or your GF...
 this would be by far your best source of info...


Dave you must be mad iv been on bikes all my life but theres no way IL ride a bike in Cebu again London is bad but Cebu is a nightmare Al\'s i can say is if you are going to do this have the bike checked out and make sure you are covered what with all the pot holes and jeepneys and cars Al\'s i can say is its intrestting 

Just to clarify;

Only half mad, Cliff.  I mean to say I am actually staying in Liloan.  Its close to downtown Cebu but I\'m not mad enough to scoot into the city during rush hour or anything like that.  But take yesterday for example.  I go to the Fooda store and, when I\'m ready to leave its rush hour.  All the jeeps are packed to the roof.  Can\'t get a taxi unless I push in front of some mama san with 12 bags of groceries . . .  I ended up climbing on the back of some local fellows scooter and giving him 100 P to take me home . . (gf says I paid too much but about then I would have paid 200P)

So the convenience of transportation to the local bank, cleaner, grocery store etc would make it well worth renting . .  if a decent rental could be found. . . and to Rufus . .  my gf hasn\'t a clue about renting one and all my expat buds have purchased one already so are not a good source of info there . .  but I intend to keep asking.



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