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Got an e-mail from Sky Lachica from the pra clark-subic today.  Police clearances can be either local, state or from the FBI. Police clearances, proof of retirement pay and your DD-214 can be notorized at the Philippine Embassy in Manila. Application fee is paid in cash or pra may give you bank instruction to deposit. When you deposit it can either be an inward remittance or you may issue a foreign bank check.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Combine all of your of required documents ie physical exams and requirements listed to be authenticate aka "Red Ribboned" as one packet at your nearest Philippine Consulate. When I did mine in San Francisco at least 20 pages, I only paid $25 including a 2nd copy.
I took my packet to the PRA main office in Makati. Took 15 days to process my SRRVisa with a stamp in my U.S. passport.
I.D. renewal every 3 years, $10 per year. The process only takes 30 mins to an hour to get a new SRRV I.D. card.


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