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In the Uk many houses are now installing solar panels as a way of generating electricty,and saving money.I have not seen this method in the Philippines and wondering why,with the high cost of electricity it is not used.
We have a new built 4b/3br house in Mangaldan,Pangasinan. The house is in a sub-division so has no overhanging obtrusions ,such as trees. We also have no immeadiate neighbours so there would be direct Sun light to our roof which is 2 story high.
Have any members experience or advice on solar panels.Eventhough the initial cost might be high,with the general expense of electricty in the Philipppines it must soon become a \'must have\'

Batteries are not that expensive...
You can get a Trojan 6v deep-cycle lift battery for about $150us.
And if you are not trying to light up Times Square, you should be able to run an LED lighting system and a small car stereo for a week+ with 2 of them.

It is not possible to feed back into the grid in the Philippines, so any small system can only be used for backup in place of a generator or perhaps something like night-time external lighting. Anything else could involve some form of dual wiring system. The best answer here would be a full roof/house system and become independent from the mains, but that would be expensive with a long payback time. It has been used here on Palawan on a house the other side of the mountains with no access to mains.

My 3 bedroom home in CDO runs me $50US on a bad month, 1/5th of what I paid in the states.  I don\'t see it as a high cost.  Thats with aircon.

I know this post is old but I want to add a little bit.there are many opions here for solar here is one site that may help you its a local dealer here in philippines.scroll down..


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