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With the outbreak of Dengue fever in several islands I've been thinking about ways to minimize flying insect intrusion into Philippine homes. Many restaurants here were I live is the door fans wherein an "air curtain"in is created with the overhead fan kicking on when the door is opened.  Has anyone done this over there? Is it feasible? Is it effective?


--- Quote from: Mannymalistic on August 04, 2019, 11:27:47 AM ---Is it feasible? Is it effective?
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Might work.  We sleep with ceiling fans and that keeps most of the little buggers off of us.  Most that is.

Just some thoughts.

Fans take a bit to spin up to speed.  If it is on a door activated switch will it be spinning in the time frame someone is transiting the door?

If you putting positive air pressure on the door frame, you are sucking air through somewhere else.

You could try to move enough air to pressurize the whole house.  We had an 5' attic fan in the states that would do that.  But you would need to be sealed up pretty good.  Doing that might give you more heat and mold problems than it is worth.

How about a good quality colombo and a couple of small personal fans under it to keep the air moving?  Might be a more practical solution.


Surely from an energy consumption standpoint, the Colambo is superior.  In my experience there though, if the ‘squitoes and langao are already in house, they can also sneak into the colambo when you climb in.  Sanitation departments here require air curtains at food facilities because they can be close to 100% effective in keeping bugs out of the inside environment.  The ones I’ve seen installed at grocery stores and restaurants seem to spool up quickly, maybe within 1 second.  As for the vacuum it might create, they can apparently be installed external to the door.  I’d have to dig in further to verify this manufacturer’s claim that air curtains serve as an effective barrier between the internal and external environments thus preventing the escape of conditioned air to the outside as much as 75% whenever the door is opened.

Now all this info is from the makers of these devises and sounds quite rosy but it appeals to my common sense that disrupting the air will whip these bugs around big time and keep them from entering.  Your experience with the common ceiling fan bears this out.  From the sanitation, disease transmitted/Dengue point of view this solution appeals to me. Of course the house has to be screened to support it’s effectiveness. On Amazon, they can be had for around $250.00  Question is, why isn’t this devise more widely used there? 


--- Quote from: Mannymalistic on August 05, 2019, 12:13:56 AM ---Question is, why isn’t this devise more widely used there?
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Don't know.

Amble on down to the bario jueteng shed and ask around.  The answers ought to be entertaining.

Ah yes, the jueteng sa kanto.  Will do!


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