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--- Quote from: GregW on February 07, 2008, 11:40:08 AM ---BigJohn.  Get thee to a travel agent quickly.  If you have any Pinoy travel agents there use them.  They will be the most familiar with the routes and the costs.  If you don\'t know of one, look for a Pilipino or Asian market and ask them if they know of a Pinoy agent.  They will be your best bet and will get you a ticket for much less than any online website.  I always use an agent and she beats them everytime.  Beats them by a lot too.

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Greg is giving you valuable information.  Consolidator tickets are usually the cheapest and best value.  Philippine or Asian markets may have some good references and you may even find an ordinary travel agent where you live who will give you the same consolidator rates (they all operate from the same databases).  An advantage of using a local travel agent is that you\'ll have somebody close to turn to if something goes wrong with your schedule or payment (not a very common occurrence).  Do some shopping around too and make comparisons. 


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