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Problem with some older topics, can't see the post


We are sorry but some of the older topics that were migrated back to this software, for some reason do not work correctly. Within the last 24 hours there was a post in the Real Estate Information section, the new post will not show up to me or the staff and I have tested with every member category using a test account and cannot see it, yet I know it is there because I can see it in the member who posted its profile. I have also tried every browser to see if that was the problem and that did not work either.

In the past when Jack was still an administrator here, some members could see some of those types of posts while other members could not, when I became an admin I was able to fix some of those topics by getting rid of the guests posts which originally were made by members but those accounts also got messed up by bringing the forum back to this type of software. So if you click on unread posts and you get to a thread but cannot see the new post, then you will now know why and that many of us cannot see it either. :(


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