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23 y/o looking to emigrate

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Hey folks,

Great forum here, I\'ve spent most of the morning looking through the posts and reading about everyones experiences and opinions regarding life in the Philippines. I\'ve learned some invaluable information too from the posts discussing rent & living expenses, cultural differences and employment / business ideas. Top stuff  :)

Anyway, I\'ve signed up to the forum to ask for some words of wisdom from you guys who are currently over there in the Philippines \'living the dream\'. As the title of the post says, I\'m 23 years old, I live in the UK - I\'m currently in full time employment as a building labourer and in the evenings and weekends, I work from the computer as a freelancer to earn a few extra notes a week.

I\'m currently in the process of selling an inherited property. Once the sale has gone through, I should have banked approx. £20k-£30k GBP after the proceeds have been divided. Ideally, I want to use that money to fund a move abroad - and for the past year, Philippines has been growing on me more and more.

It might also be worth mentioning that I\'m in love with a woman in the Philippines. She\'s a little older than me (30\'s), but I trust her with my life. I know this goes against the norm, but I know she\'s the woman I want to be with and I have no doubts at all about her commitment to me (it took a while, but she seems to have finally accepted that despite my age, I have no intention of doing wrong).

Again, I\'m sure many of you know and have experienced for yourselves the urgency and longing involved when the woman you love and desire is so far from you.

Sorry for the lengthy post so far  ::)

Now onto my idea, and this is where I would appreciate some help and advice.

My intent is to move to the Philippines on a tourist visa(?) and rent a basic, clean apartment out there. It might need two bedrooms to accomodate myself, my girlfriend and her child. It has to be clean, in a safe area and ideally, not too expensive (I need to make my funds go as far as possible, so I\'ll be living on the basics out there until I have some income coming in).

With regards to work, I plan to purchase a PC and internet connection and make a full time (or ideally, part time) job out of my freelancing. In a good week I could make around $250 - but freelancing is not the most reliable of jobs, and I can\'t guaranteed a steady $250 every week. In fact, some weeks there would be nothing earned.

Do I need to fill out self employment paperwork and tax returns in the Philippines? Would I need a working visa to legally work as a self employed freelancer?

Would it be a better idea to invest some of my money into a small business of some sort? Or perhaps I could buy and rent out a small property in order to generate a monthly income?

Any advice, criticism and comments would be most welcome. In truth, I have itchy feet and I\'m very enthusiastic about this move. I\'m in an unthankful, mind numbing job in the UK - it\'s expensive to live here, I find the whole place a bit depressing. I\'m ready to grab life by the \'nads and take control, instead of breaking my back week in, week out just to scrape together enough to pay rent, food and get a couple of rounds in at the weekend. Basically, I have nothing to lose by makinb the move, other than a crappy job and a poxy flat.

There\'s lots for me to consider, and I know a lot of you folks here could offer some sound, honest advice. Any input is greatly appreciated, cheers!  ???

If you earn money on-line nobody in the PI need know you are earning a penny, thus no tax.  ;)

$250 a week would keep you in relative luxury. Hell, people in the UK live on less sometimes.

Don\'t invest in a small business. You\'d do better buying Premium Bonds. The best way to end up with a small fortune in the PI is to start with a large one!

Your biggest \'problem\' will probably be the visa situation, so loads of groundwork required, but you will probably be best off running as a tourist until you get a better idea whether you really want to stay there.

BC Boy:

--- Quote from: King Herald on April 18, 2010, 09:43:39 PM ---Don\'t invest in a small business. You\'d do better buying Premium Bonds. The best way to end up with a small fortune in the PI is to start with a large one!
--- End quote ---

What is this Premium Bond you speak of and have you personly benefited from such an anomaly.........

and i cant stop starring at your hypnotic avatar

OP, don\'t put all your eggs in one basket, by all means set out on this adventure, but with eyes wide open and an escape route back home. Don\'t burn your bridges back home. View this journey as a re-con mission that circumstance dictates your return, when or if. You really must test the waters on an experimental basis before you decide if this women and the Philippines is for you.

Personly after spending some time here i know the girl is definitely for me.....but the jury is still out for the philippines.
Moving in the PI is not easy task but many have done so.
30,000GBP is big amount but it will not last you more than 3 years.
Boots on the ground is what you hear lot in this forum, and please
heed to this advice.
After getting familiar with her and getting adjusted to the Phil life style
your biggest challenge will be your income situation to support
yourself and family if you get married. Most of the X pats
moving there have pension, retirement and or annuity income that
they dont  worry much about wage income or business income.
Getting empolyment there is out of the question unless you
are willing to earn very little not even enough to support yourself.
Good Luck,

Whether or not you can make a living from your online activities there are 2 thing to consider: You have yet to visit the country you think you want to live in, and you have yet to meet the woman you think you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

I am from the UK, and first visited the Philippines 2 years ago to meet my online girlfriend (now my wife and living in England with me). I fell in love with both the country and my girlfriend, but it took that visit to find out.

My advice would be to take a short holiday there, see how you find things, return to the good old UK and from a distance make a rational decision. Or even an unrational decision, but at least it would be based on something more factual.

Go visit, enjoy the country and your girlfriend and have a wonderful time there. And THEN make up your mind.

Good luck,  Paul


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