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can a person that moves to the philippines find work in the hvac field. i thought about a tourist area where there might be more air conditioned places. would work affect a persons social security? i know if i work in usa it does but dont know if in a different country does

Gray Wolf:
Only if you have the proper visa, and even then you'll be competing with locals and would be paid what they get paid.  I don't think you'd like working for $7-10 per day.   ;)

With an income of roughly $1500 per month, you'll be making as much in one month as the average Filipino might make in a year. 

Working for someone else as HVAC installer is not a option.

Working for yourself, and supervising your unskilled workers is another thing. 

As far as "taking jobs away from the locals" and the whole hurt butt thing.  I gotta eat too and if their 'feelings' get hurt I dont care.

Tell that to the thousands of Koreans and taiwanese here that they should not 'take jobs away from the locals'

It wont be overnight success anymore than in the US.  Just lots of hard work and a handicap the first year cause you dont know your competition, lay of the land or local prices. 

Get thru that along with hiring and firing many workers and you will do OK.  My first year here I have already hired and fired 10 workers.

Your clients will care more about getting their work done then the color of your skin in the end.  It is the customer that you worry about not your sore loser competitor who squandered the last decade providing lousy service


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