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Pedophile’s arrest spurs calls for death penalty

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--- Quote from: coleman2347 on July 06, 2015, 03:15:05 AM ---Though I totally agree with you, first they should clean their own house...

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My sentiments exactly. In the original news article, the person they were talking about, has been bribing officials for years & boasting about that fact. Low life people like him should get serious punishment, which could include a death penalty.

Where I live, I have many local & foreign friends, who have told me about many foreigners being setup, on many different things, including this particular topic. Some of the stories, have been confirmed by some of my close friends, high up in the local law. The sad part is, as a foreigner being setup, is part of the economy for many locals. I know, sad but true.

There is so much I could say on these issues, but I feel enough of you have heard many similiar stories, so its not necessary. Just need to clean up the back yard, so the front yard can be cleaned & cleared quickly, as this would be fair and better for all, especially the kids being caught in all of this.



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