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--- Quote from: 4321go on June 09, 2018, 12:58:11 AM ---That is a great idea!  I will apply with my local embassy for a longer stay visa as you suggested.  Thank you Peter!

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You're welcome mate!

Hope it goes OK for you.


Electric's been off today as there is an ongoing power pole replacement along the highway.
So this is from my phone in a wifi cafe.

Had a look at my passport this morning. Details of last pre-arranged visa as follows.

"Type : 9 (a)
Valid from : 15 Nov 2008
Valid to : 15 Nov 2009
Endorsement : Multi entry, Stay not to exceed 59 days.
Cost : RO 36.00 (approx US $ 90.00 ) "

The first two I got were single entry, while the last ones were multi-entry, but still only max of 59 days at a time.

So 59 days, not 56 as I posted earlier.



--- Quote from: 4321go on June 08, 2018, 12:12:38 AM ---So I left the Philippines 6 years ago with over $20K in USD of credit card debt.  I did not pay the debt.  I did not advise BDO of our new USA contact information, and I am a US citizen.  I had to leave due to poor health which also was the cause of the credit card debt.  BDO simply issued the credit cards to us without having to sign anything due to a large deposit we had made with them in 2009.  I have recovered in terms of health and finances finally and want to start paying down the debt.  I also would like to visit the Philippines again, but am concerned that there could be some NBI hold on me entering or leaving the country or some other potential issue.  I have been in contact with a Filipino attorney that an expat friend of mine used for other issues.  The attorney told me that it is very unlikely that any action has been taken, but that if I want to be sure I can hire an investigator for $500 to see if any court case has been opened.  Just looking for any insight or comments that anyone might have into my situation?

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Interesting situation.  Did you have resolution? ???


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