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BI Republic Oder #91 Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act


Hope this will help some of you.

WHEREAS, Administrative Order No. 91, series of 2004 designated the Bureau of Immigration as the implementing agency for Republic Act No. 9225 (Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003);

WHEREAS, in the course of processing petitions thereof, some applicants’ name in the Birth Certificate or other documents varies from the name appearing in their foreign-issued passports;

WHEREAS, to establish that the varying names of the same applicant refer to one and the same person, there is a need to submit proof of such fact;

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 2 of Administrative Order No. 91, series of 2004, the following guidelines are hereby ordered:

In case of variance between the applicant’s name as appearing in his/ her Birth Certificate or other documents to prove his/ her being a former natural-born Philippine citizen and his/ her name in the foreign passport’s machine readable zone (MRZ) or biographical page or Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship or any document proving foreign citizenship, applicant shall submit substantial proof on how he/ she acquired the varied name/s, such as but not limited to:

1. Marriage Certificate;
2. Annotation in the passport or Birth Certificate of the varied name;
3. Judicial Decree of Change of Name, Adoption, Annulment or Declaration of Nullity of Marriage, and Divorce or equivalent document;
4. Annotation in the Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship of the varied name; or
5. Philippine issued official document indicating the varying name/s.

Foreign documents must have English translation if written in other foreign language.

Further, applicant shall execute and submit an Affidavit of One and the Same Person acknowledging all obligations, responsibilities and liabilities under both names and an explanation of the discrepancies.

This Operations Order takes effect immediately upon signing hereof.

My wife's original Filipino passport was under one name. She became an Aussie citizen under this name. I am referring to surnames only here. When she reacquired her Filipino citizenship she had lost her original passport and had to get a new birth certificate in the province. There was a long line so she left her cousin in line while she went to get some lunch. When she got back the paperwork was already done and a different surname was used. Her original name she used was her mothers maiden name and the new name was her fathers.

We have bought property under this new name. I am anticipating a problem if she ever wants to acquire a new Philippine passport?

Don't know why she originally used her mothers name. Asking just gets a blank look. Maybe some cultural thing? All her brothers used the fathers name.

Anyway birth certificates over here seem haphazard.

When a woman marries she takes on her husbands surname which should then appear on all documentation. My wife has both UK and Philippine passports with her correct married surname.

We have a problem with the middle name. We were married in the UK where the standard practise is for the woman to retain her middle name as a given name and this appears on her UK Passport. When she applied to renew her old and expired Philippine passport they insisted on using her original maiden name which is the practise here. We got affidavits to explain the differences but they were ignored so she now has two slightly different passports. To prevent any further problems she will only use her Philippine passport for ID in the Philippines and her UK passport in the UK. I don't understand why this difference cannot be recognised here.

They always ask to see our marriage contract.because her passport still says her maiden name.we will change that in the other country maybe in Laos.Philippine embassy.


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