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US Social Security: "Full benefits until 2035"


Palawan Aussie:
Whatís Next for Social Security?

By The Editorial Board
Published: June 9, 2013

"The trustees of Social Security recently reported that the retirement system can pay full benefits until 2035 .. (and then) it will be able to pay about three-fourths of promised benefits. That is not a crisis .. "




Gray Wolf:
If they paid back what they've stolen since 1965 and stopped giving away benefits to people who never paid a dime into it, we'd have enough to double everyone else's SS payments! 

Nothing is worse than a politician with a plan.   >:(    >:(

I agree Jack, it makes my stomach turn just to think how hard i worked and paid into the system and then see one who did nothing............... but still collect what i labored for and then they complain because they think they should get more.......... I even meet foreigners here in the philippines who did nothing and even though their check is not that large but still enough to live here......

The system sux, I can document having paid into it every year since I was 14 years old...of course not much in the early years.  I have the unfortunate displeasure to know people who have lived in welfare housing all their life, had baby s once a year, get a check for having them, have free medical and food stamps (or what ever they are doing now) new cars, and eat better than I did...give back to the country and as a human we continue to pay them, continue to coddle them...Its more fun in America....Lee


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