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i was in baguio and angeles city this past october. i was surprised at the price for food. most places charged as much as the resturants where i live in usa. the only really reasonable thing was the price of a taxi ride in baguio. was this maybe because of the tourist trade? i was at clark air base in 1971 and it was so cheap then. i realize it would cost more now but i didnt expect such high prices. can a person live on around $1500 a month in a place like angeles city. im not a big bar person or woman chaser so that isnt a issue.

Gray Wolf:
Welcome to the group!   :)

It depends on where you shop or eat.  If you eat in the "better" restaurants or shop for foods you're used to in the US, then yes, it will cost about as much as it would in the US.  That's because you're eating food that's a step (or three) above what the typical Filipino eats and can afford.  Even in supermarkets the foods you desire are "imported" and cost a lot more. 

I've been to Baguio several times, but we eat only in restaurants where Filipinos eat or buy food in the local palengke.  We like to eat in the local carinderias, and usually avoid the high end restos. 

Same goes for lodging.  We like to stay in pension houses versus hotels that cater to tourists and rich Filipinos. 

Yep, lots of changes since 1971, bro!   :)

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Welcome to the forum! And yes, we do live in Luzon with an adequate source of income, but I wouldn't recommend in trying to live here on $1,500 a month or anywhere else overseas! I myself surely wouldn't, if I were already living in the U.S.! IMHO it would not be enough to live on especially here in the Philippines, because you have to factor in what benefits you will not have available to you here versus what the U.S. has to offer those on disability and also the cost of immigration fees to stay longer, let alone medical costs if one becomes seriously ill here and what about rent/utilities? I just paid our electric bill a few minutes ago on-line, it was P16,780.00, because we have visiting relatives for the past month until the end of May and the weather has been pretty warm lately and the two A/Cs, one 1HP upstairs in our master bedroom and the other 2HP downstairs has been on everyday except late at night! Local and international transportation isn't getting any cheaper either, let alone food costs! A one-way airline ticket back to the U.S. now cost as much as a round trip ticket and a USDA steak here is almost non-existent and if one is a vegetarian, fruits and vegetables aren't getting any cheaper here either!   
So, if you feel lucky, confident about landing a good paying job here and have a sizable nest egg in case of emergencies, then go for it! Good luck! You'll need all the luck in the world! Some do make it who learned to live like a local, but others did not who could not adapt to the ever increasing cost of living, culture and lifestyle here!
You'll probably get a lot of differences in opinions if one can live on $1,500 a month here in the Philippines, because it's all about each to their own opinions, POVs and personal experiences in life! Me, I only give my personal experiences in life and my honest opinions! So, take it for what's it worth even it may not be what you want to hear! I didn't say it was impossible, I just wouldn't recommend it! It's all about the pros and cons and how persistent one may be to change his/her way of life hoping for it to be more alive and or full filling instead of having the same lonely or boring life in the U.S. if that be the case! So, one takes their chances against all odds if one wants to take a gamble! All I can say is good luck!           

Wow Art, I would go absolutely ape sh-- if I ever saw an electric bill that high. Granted I live on the second floor of a three story apartment building now, and AC isn't needed 98% of the time. We have a small window unit for the master bedroom and have yet to turn it on. Fortunately the layout of the apartment is open floor plan, and there is a breeze that blows right through the apartment (almost) constantly, and this is in Quezon City. It's strong enough to blow papers off the tables which keep us motivated to keep things put away. During the times the wind stops blowing a couple of fans does the trick. Haven't paid over 2000 yet and I think that is high. 

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
You should see my other well to do neighbor's electric bills and they have bigger homes with 3 to 4 A/Cs running during these warmer months! This is only the 2nd time my electric bill has gone up this high in 12 yrs! We usually average between P5,000 to 7,000 all year round with just our 1HP A/C in our master bedroom running 24/7! This year for 2013 the weather has been exceptionally warm out of the 12 years we've lived here in this house of ours! We live in an upper middle class subdivision by Filipino standards, but there are a few rich well to do Filipinos and foreigners that live in our subdivision just like to flaunt their wealth at other people below their status symbol! Some of them are just rude, crude and obnoxious rich people! We just pay no attention to them!
Also we haven't bought any gas for cooking in a few months and have been using the electric stove lately and washer and dryer! Just bought a new LG brand direct drive washing machine today for P23,000 because our 12 year old hitech Fisher & Paykel washing machine which too was direct drive just died on us a few days ago! 12 yrs ago that Fisher & Paykel hitech washing machine cost us around P40,000! They now still have hitech washing machines between P40,000 to over P50,000! Luckily my wife didn't know that and she chose the LG at P23,000 which was already discounted from P25,000, but still puts a bent in the pocket book!


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