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Lee have you thought about putting the places you found on a map and a brief description of what you found out about the place, and post it online? I know if I'm on Leyte I would like to check out some of the places you have found.

Big Jim:
Japanese were all over Leyte. And then Americans later were there trying to take it from them.
In Palompon, where I rent, only half of the church was left standing after the Americans bombed it taking it back from the Japanese. There is nothing to actually see in Palompon that I am aware of. Except if you can find any of the gold left behind by the Japanese. I know of several families who have found gold. You may also get some artifacts. My ex wife's grandfather used to have a sword taken from a Japanese officer in hand to hand combat. However, what you can get in Palompon is stories. If you can find some elderly Filipinos to talk to, you can get stories of their lives under Japanese rule and some battle stories too.
There are bat caves on a small island near Biliran used by the Japanese during the second world war.
The MacArthur monument in Palo has already been mentioned.
What was glossed over was the fact that the Battle off Leyte Gulf also took place within sight of the MacArthur landing spot.

Ive got a lot of maps, probably more than I can post here but here are some that might be of interest.  If there is something specific you are looking for let me know.  Most of my stuff is about Leyte, I am sure some here in other areas have stuff about their area.

sorry, I left out this one...its the one I used to find the other airfields in the previous post..

Palawan Aussie:

--- Quote from: coleman2347 on June 19, 2013, 12:39:04 PM ---Ive got a lot of maps ..  most of my stuff is about Leyte ..
--- End quote ---

Thanks for these maps and photos fella  :)

Of interest, world historians say that today, June 19th in 1944, was the turning point of the WWII war against Japan. That is, the Pacific Theater.

For example, (snip)

"United States scores major victory against Japanese in Battle of the Philippine Sea"
(Quote)  On this day in 1944, in what would become known as the "Marianas Turkey Shoot," U.S. carrier-based fighters decimated the Japanese Fleet ,with only a minimum of losses, in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

The security of the Marianas Islands, in the western Pacific, were vital to Japan, which had air bases on Saipan, Tinian, and Guam.

U.S. troops were already battling the Japanese on Saipan, having landed there on the 15th. Any further intrusion would leave the Philippine Islands, and Japan itself, vulnerable to U.S. attack. The U.S. Fifth Fleet, commanded by Admiral Raymond Spruance, was on its way west from the Marshall Islands as backup for the invasion of Saipan and the rest of the Marianas.

But Japanese Admiral Ozawa Jisaburo decided to challenge the American fleet, ordering 430 of his planes, launched from aircraft carriers, to attack.

In what became the greatest carrier battle of the war, the United States, having already picked up the Japanese craft on radar, proceeded to shoot down more than 300 aircraft and sink two Japanese aircraft carriers, losing only 29 of their own planes in the process.

It was described in the aftermath as a "turkey shoot."

Admiral Ozawa, believing his missing planes had landed at their Guam air base, maintained his position in the Philippine Sea, allowing for a second attack of U.S. carrier-based fighter planes, this time commanded by Admiral Mitscher, to shoot down an additional 65 Japanese planes and sink another carrier. In total, the Japanese lost 480 aircraft, three-quarters of its total, not to mention most of its crews.

American domination of the Marianas was now a foregone conclusion ..

The Japanese government of Premier Hideki Tojo resigned in disgrace at this stunning defeat, in what many have described as the turning point of the war in the Pacific. (/Quote)


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