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ITIN for my spouse needed for tax filing


I was married in Tagum City last month. I am confused in the process of obtaining the ITIN for my wife so I can file this years U.S. taxes.† I understand after she arrives here of course she will get SSAN but I need to file prior to then. The 36 page instruction booklet for completing the W-7 form is why our government is so inept (IMHO). Or maybe I am just illiterate.
Can anyone steer me in the proper method of getting this tax number?
Thank you for any advice.

Try this,,id=96287,00.html

old topic I think so...when I file next years tax return will I also need a itin just to say im married on my tax forms if so the process seems hard to acomplish

I can see this topic is quite old but I want to share my  opinion.I needed an ITIN for my wife I only got a copy certified of her passport and it was not with the red ribbon just a cert copy sent it off when I filed this year but it did take 10 weeks to come back happy now.Just wanted to share.No need the red ribbon.


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