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Bringing in Frozen Meat

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Wife wants to bring frozen meats with us in May. Anybody bring a cooler as luggage loaded with frozen meats? Been to PI multiple times and wife is there annually for 3 months, never brought meats.

Gray Wolf:
I can find no TSA restrictions on bringing in frozen meat.  I\'d make sure it was the last thing packed and make doubly sure it\'s sealed well.

I didn\'t bring a large amount but I did carry on 4 lbs (1.8 kilos) of venison summer sausage for my father in law this past September.  I\'ve talked with others who brought coolers with frozen turkeys, etc.  

Good luck!   :)

Tally J:
My wife and I routinely take frozen meats to the Philippines with no problems.  Our actual travel time is close to 35 hours portal to portal.  We freeze the meat and then wrap it in newpaper and aluminum foil and place it in an insulated bag.  It is shipped as checked baggage.

Gray Wolf:
I think as long as you wrap it securely and tell them what it is there is no problem.

Next trip I\'m going to take about 20 pounds of country ham!   ;D

Country Ham is definitely going in the cooler. Maybe some steaks.


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