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How far down will the Peso go?

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Hi everyone. I see a previous thread here about this but no one has commented since 2008. Anyway, the USD-PHP has slowly dropped from 1-46 this past summer to now hovering at 1-43 and change. I asked a money changer why it was going down, this is when it was 1-45, and he said something about the new Philippine president wanting to get it down. He predicted it would go to 1-42 by December. So far he seems to be right? Of course I hear lots of rumors too. Anyway, I know that no one has a crystal ball, but a lot of you guys have been here a long time, any opinions on where the peso is going? Thanks!

BC Boy:
its the USD that is dropping the most wich in turn buys you less pesso per dollar

It\'s the DOLLAR that\'s going down when exchange rate goes from 46 to 42.......NOT the PESO

If I had a crystal ball about where exchange rates would go, I\'d be a millionaire many times over
When U S $ get stronger you need more pesos to buy one dollar.
When this happens the importer buying U S goods and services
pay more pesos to buy dollars for their imports.
Good for the U S exporters bad for the Filipino importers;
We earning U S $want the dollar to be weakened so peso
exchange VS $ get favorable to us but not good for Pinoy consumers.
because Pinoys need more pesos to buy 1 US$.
I know it is confusing, I get confused too.
For us we want more pesos for one US$ and that is our
bottom line because we are U S $ spender converting
our $$ to pesos and the more pesos you have the more
Pinoy goods and services you can buy here.

I hold bank accounts in GBP, USD, PHP, EUR & protection for currency fluctuations

Wasn\'t planned that way but having worked in so many different countries....working out OK for me


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