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Small change, how do you all handle that?

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I always find it challenging to get enough small bills and coins. the wife and I came back to the states with some p50's, p20's and p100's so we will have some when we arrive next year but then the battle begins yet again to save up enough for daily use.

We always lots and lots of small change. At the supermarket often time i get the five centavos coin as change. Well i just return it to them and the cashier just smile at me. Home i have several clear plastic bags fill with one peso coins. Must have at least 30 lbs. of coins. then i stack up the 10 peso coins into hundreds. Last time i check i had 2 thousand peso. wife sometimes use it for small purchases.

Whenever I happen to have extras, then I keep those coins in the condo, I usually go out with a set amount of coins, so extras go into the jar and some come out daily or whenever I think to refill my coin pocket. I have often paid taxi drivers part bills and part coins, just to get rid of the extras whenever we get too much but most often we do not get enough since cashiers always seem to ask for coins and I usually have to lie and tell them I do not have any.

I do not know if this could be a problem for some of us who have too many coins or not but there is a law against keeping too many, I guess they do not wish to make more if they do not have to, maybe something to keep in mind.

--- Quote --- House OKs bill penalizing hoarding of coins
House Bill 4411, ďAn Act Penalizing the Hoarding of Legal Tender Coins of the Philippine Currency,Ē was swiftly approved on Tuesday.
--- End quote ---

I know when I was in the Philippines once during the Christmas season , I kept running out of coins to give to the groups of kids that would come by singing Christmas carols every night. That might be a good way to get rid of your small change every year and make the kids happy as well.

Gray Wolf:
When we accumulate extra coins, we share them with our brother in law to use as change in his sari sari store. I have kept coins that are in extra good shape just for my own collection of foreign coins. When we travel we generally keep P1500-P2000 in clean bills for our next trip back to the PH.


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