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BPI Predicts P50 vs $1 Dollar for 2017




These are always nice to see.   But, if my memory serves me correct there was an article at the beginning of this year(2016) that stated that inside of this year we could see the 50 to 1 ratio. 

The sooner it happens the better.

It is best for it to stay steady and not show a whole lot of fluctuation.  Yeah, more pesos for the dollar would be nice but too many people get used to and rely on getting more pesos and then if the peso strengthens, they are moaning and groaning when they wind up with less as if it is killing them.  Plus, the more pesos the dollar can get, the weaker the Philippine economy is.  So, a lot more requests from the relatives for more from the guys who support them.  Then you don't wind up with any more pesos than you started out with and probably less.  LoL.  You might as well play the lottery instead as you probably have a better chance of coming out ahead.

Not too worried about the php getting weaker.  The USD isn't the only thing to measure it against.  I have aussie friends who are not too happy with the aussie dollar actually getting weaker against the PHP while the USD is getting stronger. 

Now, that talk was a month ago and things may have changed since.  But, if it:s more the USD getting stronger than the php getting weaker I'm cool with that.


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