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Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao Boxing, who is going to watch it?

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--- Quote from: trevor on May 04, 2015, 12:33:50 PM ---Well everyone is entitled to there own opinion of the fight. In my opinion i see a good tactical fight by Mayweather. The game is to hit and not be hit in return. Most people want to see blood. Mayweather evade punches, slip and move. Paquiao could not just jump in and jump out because that was dangerous, he might have gotten knocked out again. Punches on arms and glove does not count. Flailing hitting air does not count. Mayweather is the better athlete, smarter and better conditioned.
The people expected too much from Paquiao, he is not superman. He looks tired and confused. Forget about the excuses, like his shoulder was hurt. Even said he won the fight. That is not been humble. Just my opinion and i know most of you guys will disagree with me.

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Trevor, I'm with what you say.  Mayweather won, fair and square. 

That said, by the eyes of most fans, he plays like a coward.  When you get booed so badly and you're fighting in your own country.....that says enough.

You're right, Floyd's the boxing champion.  But, just as true is the fact that Manny is the "People's Champion". 

There's not any doubt about that.

Come on guys you don't think the fight out come was not set before they even got into the ring ?

Floyd agreed to the fight with Manny on the condition Manny not fight to win for this he gets 40% or 100 Million USD  Floyd gets the remaining 60% and keeps his undefeated record and they both laugh all the way to the bank.

You would have only have seen a real fight between these 2 if the winner takes all cash

Come on Cogon88 be serious. 80% of Paquiao's fans are just that Fans. They know very little about the sport of boxing. They are disappointed because he did not win. They are not about the best man winning. All they want to see is a KO. There is so many excuses and reasons why he lost. The biggest factor why he lost is.  ... Well i am not going to say it here.
I quess god did not deliver the victory to him like he predicted. They are so many photo shop pictures on FB.
Why is so hard for some people to accept defeat.
Manny is the Filipino peoples champion and i do like Manny, especially when he just started but after awhile i begin to not like the people around him.
He did very well for himself and God Bless him. I hope he is smart enough to walk away while he still have his health.
Would hate to see him end up like Ali.

Will be interesting if the class action suit goes through.  Many calling foul over how he didn't disclose an alleged injury.


--- Quote from: cvgtpc1 on May 06, 2015, 09:26:33 AM ---Will be interesting if the class action suit goes through.  Many calling foul over how he didn't disclose an alleged injury.

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Lots of money lost, they have doctor commenting on Pacman's injury and he'd be lucky if he ever recovers from an operation let alone be fighting with it.  I see on the news many people here are complaining and wondering what the problem is well the major problem is people lost some money, some big money, so it's a huge problem and he'll be short 5 million dollars plus lawyer fee's oh boy.


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