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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Long ago when Xoom opened their office in N. California (probably only a call center), I was able to join for a short period, because when I tried sending money to myself to our RP bank account, they closed out my membership! They said sending myself money violates the RP's "Money Anti-Laundering Act".
They got stricter with their membership policies thereafter! Since we no longer live in the U.S., we couldn't use our RP address to rejoin Xoom even though we have a U.S. mailing address and besides I couldn't provide them with utility receipts in my name, which was one of their other requirements! So, I was S.O.L.! 
Anyway, I don't rely on anyone to send me my own money here to the Philippines from our U.S. dollar account, because I just write out our U.S. joint personal USD checks for deposit into our RP USD account and have been doing so for the past 15 years without any issues! 

You talked to someone?  I didn't know even had offices.  I only ever used it online.  Never a problem.  Send the money every month.  $4.99.  I just send it to Tina every time.  Technically, we are not married.  She is not family.  Never had a problem.  I just went online, attached my checking account to it, and send it monthly.(to be safe, I have multiple checking accounts and the secondary account is not an overdraft protection account.  I also have no "overdraft coverage" on the primary.  So if someone did get my info, they won't get more than $5 and the bank will refund it.
Anyway, it's that easy.  Each month, transfer money from the secondary to the primary, then send it via from the primary to Tina.
Whatever you find that works best for you I hope does what you want. 
But seriously...there's offices?  Sorta beats the point....doesn't it?
oh well........

Gray Wolf:
Yes, that's the way we did it, too.  I registered online, gave them my bank routing and account number and the name of who will be picking it up. 

Ron, have you tried to register online?

There is a toll free phone number on Xoom at top under "Customer Service". I actually did call to talk to someone on the phone, who asked me about the relationship to the person I was sending it to, and also asked if I had met her in person.

Yes, I did register online.

I just looked at the transaction I tried making last October. Maybe they didn't like the credit card! Maybe she was trying to protect me...who knows? I have to send money soon, so maybe I will try it again.

By the way...todays rate on Xoom is 42.8005 and on Remitly its 42.93  So sending $2,500 through Remitly instead of Xoom will get you PHP 323.75 more and Remitly service fee is only $3.99  I'm not pushing Remitly...merely showing the difference! :)

Unless Xoom had a policy change, you do not have to be related.  Back several years ago, I wanted to send a deposit on a place to spend a vacation at.  After checking out the ways to do it, I decided to sign up on Xoom.  They called me to ask several questions and get me set up.  One of the questions was, who are you sending the money to?  I gave her name and they asked who she was?  I said, "What do you mean who is she?  She's my girlfriend."  Yeah, I had met her and had known her about a year already by then but they never asked if I had met her or anything else.  They just said, "OK".


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