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Hello. Do we have members in here who are trading in the Stock Market? I'm very interested to know and learn about your strategies to get the best results.

Only about 5% of professionals do better than a broad index like the S&P 500 so your better off investing in a fund that mimics one of the broader indexes.


S&P 500:

Dow Jones Industrials ETF:

Phl stocks ETF:

Its really very simple just buy low and sell high LOL


Splooge Magoo:
I generally believe in the free market, buy I also believe more and more in greed and corruption in the investment market. Years ago, CEO's and CFO's could hide behind a corporate shield when manipulating company stocks. Enron, Worldcom and a few other company changed the game a bit because now, the officers are personally liable. I worked in a few public companies and jail time is a real threat.

Wall street is still immune from jail so I expect that there will always be some big bubble crash built by insiders. The bubble crashes are where you can make the money and I will use the last few years as the example.

Years ago, I researched a lot of funds so I could start to spread my investments. I found one based on Islamic principles (interest is forbidden, so bank stocks were excluded from the fund) and when I started reading about loan defaults and all of that other fun stuff, I pulled my money out of the regular fund and put it into the new one. I did not catch everything at the top and I just about everything else had crashed so I did take a big hit, but not as bad as everyone else. But once it kept falling, I had to have the will power to keep it in the new fund and eat it.

Find a big shot investor that you think you can trust and listen to their advice. I like Buffet and when he said it was a good time to buy, I cut  every expense that I could think of and put money back into the new fund. I wanted to stay away from banks until the govt left them alone. I did extremely well and those investments will now pay for the new home and move to PH.

Stay away from individual stocks as they can get you in trouble. If you are working, keep putting more money away as you will get use to the new spending level.

I am waiting for the bond market to crash and jump back in some time next year. I don't know what will happen as interest rates go up, I wonder what all of the individual investors will do. will they move out of stocks and into to bonds keeping the bond funds up based on demand while the bond market want the price to drop based on higher interest rates. I have to be more careful as once I retire, I cannot replace loses with new money earned.

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: briancohen14 on August 14, 2014, 11:29:26 AM ---Hello. Do we have members in here who are trading in the Stock Market? I'm very interested to know and learn about your strategies to get the best results.

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Hi Brian,

Welcome to the group.  Use the following link to post a brief intro and let us know more about you and your connection to the Philippines



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